Duty devotion and dedication

Official Blog of the U. The Coast Guard prides itself on honor, respect and devotion to duty for the men and women in its ranks. Once a year, a member of the Coast Guard is selected as the top performer in the service for the active duty and the reserve component through the enlisted person of the year program. Melitski, a maritime enforcement specialist assigned to the Enforcement Division at Sector New Yorkwas recognized for being among the first reservists to volunteer for Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

Duty devotion and dedication

Although it is the one most talked about—and brandished with Puritan-like pride—discipline is not the only relationship that writers can have with their work. There are two others approaches as well: For me, the word conjures up parochial school and the military, riding crops and rigidity, grim determination and lots of slogging.

Discipline is sterile, harsh. Discipline is the barbed wire fence that corrals our creative enthusiasm in order to force to actually flow in a meaningful and productive way. At its most positive, discipline is the building of new muscle stage.

Discipline is the axle grease we apply to our flighty, frivolous perception of what is actually involved in learning how to create something.

Duty devotion and dedication

Dedication is another thing entirely. Dedication suggests voluntary commitment rather than rigidity. Dedication is calm and measured. There is no element of harshness or punishment in dedication.

If discipline is the stick, then dedication is a voluntary willingness and desire to reach for the carrot without the threat of that stick. Dedication implies a level of mastery.

It is the point at which you no longer need to apply discipline because your creative work flows out of your own organic desire to do that work.

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Dedication is the point you reach where you understand that a hard day writing is far more satisfying and rewarding than a hard day at just about anything else.

It is also about creating your identity as a writer, seeing what marvelous things you can do with those newly built muscles.

Duty devotion and dedication

Devotion implies joy and zeal and ardent affection. I think of it as the big yellow Labrador puppy approach to writing. It is a process oriented stage.

It encompasses dedication and can appear from the outside to look a lot like discipline, but its origins are very, very different. But at some point, our internal motivation should shift.

At some point we should consider the possibility of not having to continually force ourselves and simply wanting to do what is needed.

We are drawn toward rather than goaded into the act of writing.

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Writing should draw us in, either the challenge of it, the puzzle of it, the marvel of it, or simply to have accomplished it. So what do we do when we find ourselves stuck in the grim slog of the discipline stage?

I think we need to let go. We need to give ourselves over to the process rather than the end product, at least in the short term.

So, how do you make that jump from the discipline stage to dedication? You practice discipline for so long that it carves a niche in your life that only writing will fill.

You feel a shift in focus from content to form and craft. Instead of letting it discourage you, it creates a fierce obsession with learning more craft. Throw ideas about the market out the window and write about things you are passionate about, questions you want answered, human behavior that repels or fascinates you.fidelity, allegiance, fealty, loyalty, devotion, piety mean faithfulness to something to which one is bound by pledge or duty.

fidelity implies strict and continuing faithfulness to an obligation, trust, or duty.. marital fidelity; allegiance suggests an adherence like that of citizens to their country.. pledging allegiance; fealty implies a fidelity acknowledged by the individual and as.

Overview The following is a list of all personnel who received honours and awards while serving with the Squadron during this time period. It is arranged in alphabetical order.

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Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)The cross is awarded to officers and Warrant Officers for an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty performed whilst flying in active operations against the enemy.

When we take a vow, we pledge our devotion—whether to remain true to a partner, to uphold the law, or to honor the word of God. It should be no surprise then that devotion and its related verb devote come from the act of taking a vow.

Both words originate from Latin devotus, which is the past participle of devovēre, a union of the prefix de-("from") and the verb vovēre ("to vow"). Puritan Prayers. Confession and Petition | Consecration and Worship Contentment | The Deeps | Devotion | Divine Support Evening Praise | Evening Prayer | Evening Renewal Grace Active | Heart Corruptions | In Prayer Longings after God | Meeting God | Morning Morning Dedication | Morning Needs | Openness Purification | Refuge | Resting in God | Spiritual Helps.

Devotion, Duty and Discipline. Whether one is a great scholar in all the sacred texts and Vedas Or a hero who has won great victories, Or a destitute grovelling in poverty Without devotion he is worthless. A servant with devotion in his Heart is worthier of veneration than a king bereft of devotion.

The devotion to and concern for our institutions are deep and sincere. They will test our courage, our devotion to duty, and our concept of liberty.

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