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There was a lot of room to ask questions and discuss problems we have encountered. We were provided with helpful material and were able to apply Marguerita's tips through exercises.

Mgmt 425

From a Mission Farrier School Graduate I graduated from the program in Octoberand am happy to report a continuing satisfaction with my decision of farrier schools. The Mgmt 425 at Mission contains several elements which make it an experience of the highest quality; 1 Mark Plumlee is an excellent instructor, whose experience and expertise as both horseshoer and teacher are evident daily.

It's a pleasure to learn from someone who has developed mastery of not only the trade, but also at helping others to understand it.

He fosters a truly positive learning environment - a very useful, and uncommon, skill. In conversation with other farriers Mgmt 425 horseman from as far as Iceland, I have been pleased to find that I stand confidently on a solid foundation for approaching both hoof and horse.

The information presented makes sense both scientifically and intuitively. As any program should, it does. It's clear they want the best for their students, clients, and horses, and are willing to put forward the effort to match. I entered the program with a lot to learn about horses and shoeing, and I couldn't have asked for much more.

It's a job well done all the way through, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in furthering their knowledge and skills in the farrier trade. I owe an incredible amount to Mark and Karen and their school.

I wanted to write and tell you about a very proud moment I had this weekend. Some of our local farriers got together this Winter and invited Chris Gregory to come give a clinic here. We had the clinic last Saturday and I just had to write and tell you both how it went.

There were 12 farriers there. Most of whome were in their 50s and had been farriers for 20 years or more.

To start out, Chris wanted to go over some basic lower limb anatomy and to my surprise, most of the farriers brought out little notebooks and started taking notes on the bones and tendons we deal with everyday!

I was so shocked to see these full time farriers taking notes on things that we all learned in yoru class, an in my opinion, we should all have down pat.

Part way through the day Chris challenged us all to use a pen and mark on the outside of the hoof capsule where we thought the Navicular bone was inside the hoof. I was extremely proud to make my mark literally an inch away from the others and even prouder when Chris announded that I was correct.

I was the youngest farrier and the only woman in attendance.

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There were lots of things that happened all day that made me so proud of my solid farrier education and I wanted to pass on those good feelings to you. I had my first client the other day and completely astonished them by simply following and explaining our 5 guidelines.

We can't thank you enough! Had a huge success this week with a chronic laminitis case. Champ loved his Double Nail Pad system with a window cut out for relief. He is walking better than the current owner has ever seen him move.

She has owned h im for eight years! He has what looks like a canker of sorts ot the right of the p3.

Mgmt 425

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Mgmt 425

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Therapeutic Shoeing is a regular part of our curriculum. Our clientele regularly include: Laminitis cases, white line disease, stumbling problems, Cushings and .

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